Farnaz Modarresifar Silences inouïs

Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Violin, Viola, Cello

Duration 19'00

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This work was initially entitled: "The Tower", third part of a trilogy started in 2018, and inspired by the tarot cards.

End of 2020 - beginning of 2021: the dark days followed one another in my home country. I kept hearing like the prose of the dead, in the day of wrath, at the time of the Last Judgment. A kind of apocalyptic inspiration, through fear, suffering, the permanent search for liberation from an eternal death.

These words of Hallâj came to my mind: "It is recollection, then silence; then aphasia and knowledge [...]"

A heavy silence amplified the atmosphere, and ended in beauty, timelessly.

In my head, and in a haunting way :

the body is ephemeral, but not the perception,

[listening] is a divine gift

and if only to hear like a deaf person

The whole, as a silence

unheard silences