Robert Lemay Pommes (8 pièces - recueil) -  Pdf
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Robert Lemay Pommes (8 pièces - recueil) - Pdf

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Durée 17'

8 short pieces for solo percussion instruments

Pommes (Apples in English)  is a series of 8 short pieces for solo percussion instruments. Four are for snare drum, one for temple-blocks, one for bass drum, one for three toms and finally one for tam-tam. The title refers to the POM (the same sound as the word apple in French) percussion sound, but also to the apple (the fruit). Each piece has a title that includes the word apple.

These 8 pieces can be played individually or as a whole. If you choose to play several pieces or all 8 pieces, my suggestion is to follow an alternation between the snare drum pieces and those for the other instruments.

This project has been made possible with financial assistance from the Canada Council for the Arts and Laurentian University (Research Office).

Pommes 8 short pieces for solo percussion instruments

Coeur de pomme (apple core), for snare drum

Chanter la pomme (to flirt), for snare drum

Pomme de discorde (bone of contention), for snare drum

Guillaume Tell, theatrical piece for snare drum

Tomber dans les pommes (to pass out), for temple-blocks

La grosse pomme (The Big Apple), for bass drum

Haut comme trois pommes (as tall as three apples / three apples high), for 3 toms

Pomme d’Adam (Adam’s apple), for tam-tam

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