Fabrice Villard Musique Logique - printed version
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Fabrice Villard Musique Logique - printed version

Printed version

Musique Logique

Duration 50’

Musique Logique is a series of twenty-five modal and minimalist pieces, for any saxophone among the four main instruments of this family: soprano, alto, tenor or baritone. The pieces are independent of each other, but can also constitute a suite to be played in the proposed order.

Each piece is written according to a very rigorous, quasi-mathematical principle, which is explained in the appendix. But don't worry... you don't have to understand everything to play Musique Logique

Fabrice Villard

A few words from the dedicatee :

These 25 miniatures of an implacable logic are a happy contribution to the saxophone repertoire where the so-called minimalist music is still little represented.

Their great diversity despite their common constraints, the variety of musical and expressive ambiances they offer immediately seduced me and convinced me of the value of these "little gems".

In addition to their obvious pedagogical interest, these pieces find their relevance to the concert both as a complete cycle and as a composite suite of selected numbers.

Pierre-Stéphane Meugé, teacher at the Haute Ecole de Musique de Lausanne (HEMU), soloist of the ensembles 2E2M (Paris), Contrechamps (Geneva) and Dedalus, International concert artist, member of the XASAX quartet

Find all 25 pieces for solo saxophone by Fabrice Villard, and other unpublished pieces on the CD MUSIQUE LOGIQUE / Fabrice Villard - Pierre-Stéphane Meugé


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Format A4

35 pages

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