Sofiane Messabih Toiles - Printed version
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Sofiane Messabih Toiles - Printed version

Printed version

Toiles String trio n°1

String trio

Duration 20'

Toiles is a piece in five movements, each title being a shade of blue evoking four periods of the painter Gustave Courbet but through the caricaturists of the time.

Azur tells us about Courbet's closeness to nature, his realism, but especially the first caricatures of him as a peasant always from behind with oversized hooves.

Cobalt is inspired by Daumier's caricature « Le combat des écoles » (The fight of the schools) Idealism and realism.

Persian evokes the cartoons on the Assyrian beard of Gustave Courbet.

Bleu nuit is the representation of both the fall of the Vendôme column but also the undeniable success of the artist.

Indigo is a form of synthesis.

Toiles is for a Grade 6-8

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Format A4, pdf

87 pages score and separated parts

NeB 38D VP