Robert Lemay Falten und Farben - Printed version
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Robert Lemay Falten und Farben - Printed version

Printed Version

Falten und Farben

Saxophone Ensemble
Duration 9’00

The piece Falten und Farben (Folds and Colors) was written for Lars Mlekusch and the Zürich Saxophone Collective. The work was premiered in April 2022 during the Zürich Saxfest 2022.

The work is a tribute to the Hungarian painter Simon Hantaï (1922-2008). The title refers to the folding techniques that the artist used at the end of his life. He crumpled up the canvases, painted them and then unfolded them. The result is an abstract work dominated by color and the absence of it, distributed in space in regular or irregular ways. Musically, this translates into clusters in which I sculpt the sound. The clusters are deployed in the acoustic space.


The saxophone ensemble for Falten und Farben includes 

2 soprano saxophone

3 alto saxophone

3 tenor saxophone

2 baryton saxophone

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Format A3 score and A4 separated parts

80 pages

Neb 132 VP