Matías Fernández Rosales Etude d'illusion 1 - Printed version
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Matías Fernández Rosales Etude d'illusion 1 - Printed version

Printed Version

For Vibraphone and electronic soundtrack

Duration 10'15

The perfect metronomic time is an illusion.

A utopia that no living being is able to achieve without the help of the machines of regularity : like a metronome, a clock, a calendar or a routine that locks us into monotony.

Unlike the current use that we give to the machines of regularity, here the machine has for objective to make an illusion; the constancy that the interpreter proposes will be altered by micro-variations of tempo, generating improbable and unimaginable rhythmic relations, going until putting in ambiguity the strong times of the interpreter. On the other hand, the central part contains a virtual counterpoint with multiple voices, as J.S Bach did, a monodic instrument can generate different voices, in this case a constantly descending fugue.

The fall of the fugue.

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Format A4

12 pages

Electronic soundtrack(click and no click)

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NeB 137 VP