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Etendue infinie, saturée de lumière
Flute, Viola, electric guitarDuration 4
Durée 4'For the writing of this score, I am inspired by a text by Théophile Silvestre on the paintings of Jean-François Millet that I read on an information board during a walk on the customs officers' trail in the Cotentin part of Normandy, towards the painter's native house. "It is the sea, the open sea, seen from high above and greatly seen over the overhanging rocks, its quiet relief and its expanse infinie under a longer sky, saturated with light and steam". "terre, ciel et mer" (Land, sky and see) is the triple portrait of these three elements. Millet arrived at the pinnacle of his career".
Théophile Silvestre about Jean-François Millet, February 25, 1871

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