kevin Juillerat

Chamber Music

Educational Pieces

L’étang du patriarche

Alto Saxophone and  Piano

Quatre chants Sylvestres

Youth Orchestra

Woodwinds, Stings, Brasswinds, and Percussions Orchestra

Cinque Notturni

Electric Guitar, Piano and Live-electronics

Le vent d'orages lointains

Piano and stings (violins, violas, cellos, doublebass)

Arche Series

Arche 1 D'un souffle jaillit le son...

2 equal Saxophones

Gawa II Luz

2 Percussions and ligth

Arche 3 La cloche enfermée

3 equal Saxophones or SAT

Arche 5 Convulsion

3 equal Saxophones

Arche 6 Le cri gelé

Alto Saxophone and Piano

Arche 7...Et d'un son, la voix

2 Equal Saxophones