Ezko Kikoutchi Onibi - pdf
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Ezko Kikoutchi Onibi - pdf

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Saxophone, Accordion and Cello
Duration 20’

This score is inspired by the Japanese mythology and mixes at the end with the Irrlicht of Schubert.
Onibi is in four parts which present four different spirits to the shape of fire, born from human and animal corpses.

in 4 movements

Inka (Schattenfeuer/twilight)

Kazedama (Windkugel/wind bale)

Kitsunebi (Fuchsfeuer/fox fire) – ein Zauberspruch

Hidama (Feuergeist/spirit of fire)

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Format Pdf A4, 69 pages

no separate parts, only conductor to facilitate the work of chamber music, wish of the composer.

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