Marcelo Bonvicino Riverrun -pdf
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Marcelo Bonvicino Riverrun -pdf

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Baryton Saxophone, Percussions et Live-electronic
Duration 7’50

Riverrun (Whanganui-Yamuna-Ganges), for baritone saxophone, percussions and live electronics, explores superimpositions and fusions between the sounds of musical instruments and the electronically processed sounds of a real recorded water stream.  It was written and premiered on 2017 by Stephane Sordet and Helene Colomboti from  Ensemble Sillages, year in which the three rivers mentioned on the piece’s title was recognized by their countries as a living beings possessing wrights to live and to protect itself trough others. This step to a juridical dimension triggers a voice from the waters on the imagination that takes its way along the music. 

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Ensemble Sillages : Saxophone Baryton Stéphane Sordet, Percussions Hélène Colombotti

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