Sofiane Messabih Le samouraï noir - Printed Version
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Sofiane Messabih Le samouraï noir - Printed Version

Printed Version

Collection Divertimento

Le Samouraï noir

Alto Saxophone and piano
Duration 6’15

grade 6

This work is the winner of the 2022 A.Sax Composition Competition in the category grade 6.

Le samouraï noir (the black samourai) is in the program of the second National Competition of Interpretation for Young Saxophonists of the A.Sax 2022 in the category grade 6.

and in the program of the International Adolphe Sax Competition l'Haÿ-les-Roses 2022.

The Black Samurai( Le Samouraï Noir) is inspired by a true story.

This composition in 3 parts represents the life of this future samurai.

In the first part, the composer evokes the beginning of the life of a black slave sold to the Chinese. This beginning is very dynamic, we enter immediately in a rhythm and a frenetic pulse, with an energetic and intense dynamic presence.

The second part describes the travel to China from Africa by boat.

The melancholy, and the deep sadness of this slave shows strong emotions.

The third part tells how a Japanese emperor buys this black slave and see in him a potential samurai.

The Black Samurai is born.

The phrase, as well as the tempo, evoke the training, the fights. All this remains an art. It is for these reasons that this part is nervous and dancing, fluid and fast like a Samurai at the top of his practice. 


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Format A4

18 pages, score and separated parts

NeB 35D VP