Sofiane Messabih Incantations et Danse lente - Printed Version
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Sofiane Messabih Incantations et Danse lente - Printed Version

Printed Version

Collection Divertimento

Accordion octet and Saxophone quartet

Duration 10'00

This piece was commissioned by the C.R.D. Henri Dutilleux.

It is in two movements whose characters are quite distinct.

"Incantations" plunges us into the enchantment of a forest on the day of the great incantations.

Fairies and witches gather around a large fire to prepare their incantations and to prepare their incantations and welcome the procession of the spirits of the forest.

"Slow Dance" is an ecstatic dance that each spirit will join at the appropriate time. It is voluntarily repetitive, all the expressive approach lies in the sound research, the quality of the attacks, the management of the bellows for some and the breath for others. for the others. A real work of orchestral symbiosis can be achieved.

The indications of register are only a suggestion, considering the complexity of the existing accordion types.

The pitches are to be well respected. It is of a level of end of second cycle.

According to the maturity of the performers and the finesse of the playing, there can be two possible arrangements.

The easiest one to manage, invites to put the octet of accordions in front, in arc of circle (as the first row of strings of an orchestra) and behind the quartet of saxophone quartet.

The most interesting, but more complex to apprehend, consists in alternating (by slightly moving back the saxophonists) on the same arc of circle.

Accordions 1 and 2 / soprano sax

Accordions 3 and 4 / alto sax

Accordions 5 and 6 / tenor sax

Accordions 7 and 8 / baritone sax 

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Format A3 score and A4 separated parts

96 pages

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