Sofiane Messabih Le pont flottant -  Pdf
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Sofiane Messabih Le pont flottant - Pdf

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For Solo Flute

Duration 5'

A bridge is always a link between two things that, at the beginning, are not supposed to be connected.

A bridge between two sides, between two countries, two continents, two worlds and even between reality and dreams.

This one floats, it is unstable, constantly shaken by the winds more or less strong. It moves in all directions, it adapts to all climatic conditions, suffers, wears out but never breaks because... it contains, in its center, the flute player, the one who holds everything in balance, who, with her melodies, according to the movements of the bridge, harmonizes everything.

This score for grade 6, allows a beautiful approach of the vibrato speeds as well as an interesting work on the more complex rhythms.

It is voluntarily constructed without measures, like a large cadenza, very free, thus promoting the expressiveness and musicality of the performer.

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