Matías Fernández Rosales Etude d'illusion 2- Pdf
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Matías Fernández Rosales Etude d'illusion 2- Pdf

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For Oboe and live electronic

Duration 10'

The delicacy of a faint seems in itself a contradiction.

How can we feel softness in a violent fall?

If our body confuses us to avoid the pain of the fall, will it also be possible to deceive our auditory perception in a melodic twist doomed to an irreversible fall?

Is it possible that a solo instrument can configure a polyphonic sound, rising and falling at the same time to absorb the blow of an imminent fall?

Étude d'illusion 2, attempts to answer these questions through a musical language that is constantly transforming with real-time audio transformation processes.

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Format A4

9 pages

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