Kevin Juillerat 4 chants Sylvestres - pdf
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Kevin Juillerat 4 chants Sylvestres - pdf

Kevin Juillerat Quatre chants sylvestres

Woodwinds, Strings, Brasswinds, and Percussions Orchestra

Duration 09’

Pedagogical and poetic piece for orchestra of young orchestra (4th and 5th years of practice)

Forest and sound fresco colours modes sound and contemporary orchestral textures

flute  (1-8)

oboe (1-2)

clarinet (1-3)


Alto saxophone (1-2)

trumpet (1-3)


percussions instruments (1-2)

violin (1-4)


cello (1-2)

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score in A3, 21 pages.

separated  parts in A4.

NeB 42